stainless steel nipple pegs.jpg
  • These Stainless Steel Nipple Pegs are made of premium steel and come as a pair, featuring a spring for a perfect pinch every time.
  • The spring in each nipple peg is tight spring which will give you the perfect pinch!

  • Made from a high quality stainless steel, these nipple pegs are hand polished to perfection that both look and feel unbelievable.

  • Designed to give constant pressure on your nipples for the best stimulation. They work by both applying pressure and restricting blood flow, which provides a painful (but pleasurable) experience.

  • Try heating or cooling the pegs in water before use for even further stimulation.

  • They can easily be cleaned and stored, and even used as a traditional peg when not attached to your nipples!

  • Perfect for curious first timers or for more experienced fetishists that want that little extra from their nipple play.