sport fucker cum play kit - black.jpg

Sport Fucker Cum Play Kit

  • This Sport Fucker Cum Play Kit is the ultimate starter kit featuring two different sized sounds to stimulate your penis from the inside!

  • Sounding is becoming one of the fastest growing fetishes among men.

  • All of Sport Fucker's sounds are 100% medical grade premium silicone.

  • The ideal starter kit for guys intrigued about the sensation of sounds.

  • The large flange allows for an easy grip.

  • Both sounds are hollow and perfect for piss or cum to pass through.

  • One sound is thicker than the other to allow for progression (see stats below).

  • Provides unexplainable pleasure from internal stimulation when you finally shoot.

  • Be sure to only use these with a sterile lube.

  • Stats:

  • Thin: Length: 5.1 cm (2in.), Internal hole: 2.25 mm (.1 in.), Shaft: 4 mm (.16 in.), Ridge 6.25 mm (.25 in.), Flange: 15.35 mm (.6 in.).

  • Thick: Length: 5.1 cm (2 in.), Bump: 8 mm (.35 in.), Center: 6.35 mm (.25 in.), Internal hole: 3.4 mm (.13 in.), Flange: 15.35 mm (.6 in.).

  • Available in Black or Red