something shiny luxe pvc thigh cuffs.jpg
  • Are you looking for something unique and sexy for your adorable bondage slave? I have the perfect thing! Our Something Shiny Luxe PVC Thigh Cuffs are good for a variety of wonderful and dastardly evil things! Okay, so you will both love it but after the 20th orgasm it kind of gets a little evil… *wink*

  • I absolutely love our Luxe PVC gear. It warms to your body and conforms to your natural curves, so there's less "bite" from the edges and even fewer marks after your fun.

  • This pair of strong, sexy 2" thigh cuffs with buckling straps and "D" rings for attachments lets you to try all kinds of new bondage positions easily and comfortably. Try attaching wrist cuffs, tethers and other hardware to these then attach them to a bedpost, table legs or whatever (may be wherever) your imagination can come up with to create all sorts of sensual (and deliciously dirty!) positions!

  • Our Luxe PVC is durable and can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth to bring back its shine, like-new after even the messiest of play times!

  • Available in two sizes, One size fits up to 24" thighs and Large size fits up to 32" thighs. Sold in pairs.