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  1. German Engineering-German Manufacturing-German Quality

  2. This well-thought-out SM furniture is ideally suited for the purposeful presentation and, of course, a profound treatment of a Subbie. The subbie can be fixed in a kneeling position on the soft kneepad, which can be adjusted in an open angle. In keeping with the posture, an adjustable, small seat cushion also benefits the comfort of this BDSM piece of furniture. The sliding stainless steel mast can be ideally adapted to the body proportions. At this is standard, of course, also adjustable, a crossbar behind which the arms can be passed to prevent evasive movements forward effectively.The handcuffing rod, which is also included as standard in the scope of supply, for fixing the hands can be equipped with eyelets or with movably mounted steel restraints.

  3. This configuration includes:

  4. Stable construction

  5. Black finish

  6. Expandable leg supports

  7. Movable column

  8. 4 individually lockable, rubberized wheels

  9. Height-adjustable crossbar

  10. Height-adjustable hand tie bar

  11. Professional Fuck Machine with holder

  12. Plexiglas module with head pillory

  13. SIze adjustable collar

  14. Adjustable wrist restraints

  15. 2 Aircraft bondage belts

  16. Fast assembly / disassembly

  17. Price includes Air Freight from Germany, Import Duties and curbside delivery ($600.00 VALUE) in North America

  18. This is a special order item. 665 will handle your order as well as the import of the item and delivery to your location.

  19. Please allow up to 8 weeks for the poduction of your order.

  20. We have added what we think are the most popular features to this item already. If you would like to order a different configuration please contact us directly.

  21. All special Style Fetish orders are non refundable. You can cancel your order within 72 hours of placing your order.