silicone bit gag with leash reins
  • You won't here any complaints from your pretty pony with our Silicone Bit Gag with Leash Reins Set. The only sounds you'll here are their neighs of pleasure once you strap them in. Neigh!!! :)

  • This bit gag. is perfect for anyone with a pony fetish. A soft-bite silicone bit is easily worn for long role play session. Speaking of comfort, bit gags are great for anyone who suffers with TMJ or any other jaw problems, as well as for those who have difficulty breathing through the nose. It makes a wonderful addition to any pet's toy box.

  • The bit gag is 5" long with has O-rings on either side which hold reins attached to each side. These reins can be tied to anything you like for those of you who love to let your imagination run wild (but not your pony) or they can be clipped together with the included leash. The unique single-handle style reins make your pet easy to control with one hand so you can use your other hand for anything you like. Just pull those reins to the back and attach a leash through both of them then grab hold and enjoy a night of pet & pony-play fun!