Shots America crystalline glass whipster whip.jpg
  1. To flog and to lust

  2. Put a stop to your predictable sex life and pick up the whip! The Chrystalino Glass Whipster Whip from SHOTS is elegantly designed with two pleasurable functions. On one end, you can tease your partner with light whips from the flogger. Turn it around and you can use its smooth and bulbous curves as an external or internal massager. The Borosilicate glass is great for temperature play.

  3. 100% Waterproof

  4. Sleek design is perfect for beginners and advanced users

  5. Made with Borosilicate glass that is nonporous & body safe

  6. Can be heated or cooled down for enhanced sensations

  7. Compatible with all lubricants

  8. Non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body safe

  9. If you have never experienced sexual whips, you are living in the past. Experiment today with the Glass Whipster Whip! A whip on one end and a glass dildo on the other, get double pleasure all in one toy. This premium sex toy is made with Borosilicate glass that is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body safe for both external and internal massages. Keep the glass dildo warm or cold to experiment with temperature play. The whip’s faux leather delivers a feathering tingle against bare skin for a sensational experience. Weighing just 223 grams (0.492 lbs), this is perfect for both early adopters of BDSM veterans.

  10. Christian Grey won’t have anything on you after you play with this elegantly designed whip. Get your kink on.

  11. Length: 53.5 cm (21.06 inches).

  12. Width: 3.6cm (1.41cm)

  13. Weight: 223g (0.492 lbs)