Sequin Underbust Corset

red sequin underbust corset.jpg
  • Relive the classic sex appeal of the truly exotic and mysterious culture of cabaret with our Black Sequin Underbust Corset! 

  • This sexy sequinned corset is the perfect addition to your kinky wardrobe! With this absolutely beautiful and chic piece on, every evening will always feel like a special night with your lover! Besides the fact that you'll have their eyes locked on you the entire time, you'll also have them wondering what they did to deserve being in the presence of a goddess! 

  • The key feature that makes this piece stand out is the cupless style which allows the breasts to be fully exposed for a more visually appealing look. The top of the corset sits comfortably under the bust and keeps the breast supported to make it pop and stand out even more! 

  • The lace-up back feature of this extremely sexy corset not only helps cinch the waist and mold the body into a shape that stimulates even more intense sexual arousal, it also provides an erotic experience through intimate bondage for both the partner and the wearer! It really is a must-have for your BDSM wardrobe! 

  • Available in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large  

black sequin underbust corset.jpg