sacral electrode pads.jpg
  • For use with electro sex power box with 2mm pin connections

  • Large surface are for maximum contact & conductivity

  • Suitable for men & women

  • Designed for use on the sacral area

  • Shocking sensations deep inside

  • Don’t be nervous; these Sacral Electrode Pads promise to be gentle with you... unless of course you don’t want them to!

  • Cleverly and innovatively crafted, they have been made to the finest standard and will not cause nipping or hot spots, which some others may. Unique in shape, they boast a large surface area, which provides maximum contact with the skin, thereby allowing greater stimulation of the nerves. Specially designed to transmit current through the sacral nerve, these electrodes are typically placed at the base of the spine and create a contraction within the pelvic floor. This means that the shocking sensations are felt deep within the body. You decide whether you want satisfying or sadistic!

  • Ideal for those that are new to electrosex, these electrode pads deliver the same sensations, but without having to insert a toy inside the body. Additionally, when used daily (not recommended if using on a high setting), these electrosex pads are reusable and can last up to 4 weeks.

  • Here at UberKinky, we back these Sacral Electrode Pads 100%.

  • To be used with an electro sex power box with 2mm pin connections.

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