rubber mini skirt.jpg
  • This is a 100% rubber, hand-tailored mini-skirt, designed to hug your curves for a slick fit. Available in five sizes; but of course they have some "give." 

  • Extra Small (Size 0-2) - R045

  • Small (Size 4-6) - R046

  • Medium (Size 8-10) - R047

  • Large (Size 12-14) - R048

  • Extra-Large (Size 14-16) - R049 

  • All Syren items are made to order, just for you, and will take 3-4 weeks turnaround time by our Los Angeles production team.

  • Syren is a recognized brand among both fetish fashion enthusiasts and filmmakers who have counted on the company to produce costumes for films such as Batman, Catwoman and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Joining forces with the latex designers, we are proud to announce that Syren products have exciting updated styles and improved manufacturing techniques that greatly increase the life of the garments. All Syren products are produced in Los Angeles.