rimba weighted clamps.jpg
  • Clips are removable to use as ball weights

  • Applied force is less than a clothes peg

  • Great for nipples, labia or ball stretching

  • Covered in stylish black leather

  • Sold as pairs - choose from five different weights

  • If you're on the market for some tantalising titty-torture then you'll love this pair of Rimba Weighted Clamps!

  • This pair of versatile weighted clamps have so many uses! With the Rimba Weighted Clamps you get one pair of stylish clamps and you can choose from 50g, 100g, 150g, 200g and 300g. They can be hung from your nipples, attached to ball stretcher or you can even hang them from your labia if you wish. Each solid weight is covered with black leather for a great look and soft feel. The clamps themselves are lined with a plastic variegated surface, which firmly grips the skin as it applies tantalising pressure evenly and comfortably (comfort, in a nipple clamp?) The Rimba Weighted clamps have an exhilarating grip which is just less than that of a clothes peg and spread out over a larger area. Made from fine quality leather and metal, they titivate and titillate in equal measure!