Remote Control Dildo

Remote control Dildos and Vibrators are no longer the thing of the future. With bluetooth and Wifi technology there are now remote control dildos that can be used anywhere that you have a wifi connection.


These products are made with great material, and will last for sometime. What's great about this new sex toy is that you can really participate with the love making with your long distance partner. This is great for long distance relationships, as one person can control the other device with their smartphone.


There are various forms of the remote control dildo and vibrator that can be used. These products all use the same android or apple IOS so it does not matter what kind of system you are using with your phone. You can control everything with this toy, and now be able to interact with your loved one. Vibrators are the best.


What's nice with the AMBI is that is the most versatile bullet vibrating dildo on the market, you can use it in many various positions, and it’s very comfortable to use. How many times have you used a bullet vibrating dildo and trying to get it to hit the right spot. With the AMBI it's no longer difficult and you can even customize the vibrations.


Then you have the NORA. The Nora is the perfect remote control dildo when want a good ride and length, and it comes with a rotating head. Great for long distance sex. Smartphone control makes solo play, foreplay, or long distance play so much more fun and easy. I mean when your using your toys who wants to have any difficulty right?


Then you have the DOMI. This great device is perfectly awesome when you want some power and a reinforced neck. This ensures you can apply pressure during your sex play. Vibrators are so much fun. Also make sure you do not forget about strap on dildos


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