quick hogtie leatherette self bondage sl
  • Are you in a rush? Our Quick Hogtie Leatherette Self Bondage Slip On offers you a fast and easy way to fasten your sweetie's hands and feet to look deliciously helpless! (It's great for self-bondage too!)

  • Strap your precious slave in before they even know what you're about to do! This hogtie strap set is designed for quick change bondage scenarios (If you you what I mean.) Go from one position to another by just sliding it off when you want to move on to other games and can't wait. You don't have to fumble around or take forever to tie a lot of ropes or buckle a lot of straps. It will keep the mood going hot and strong!

  • Just imagine placing your sub on their stomach with their arms and feet bound together with the help of this hog tie strip. They will look beautifully helpless while you are free to do whatever you want to them. Just thinking of all the delicious possibilities turns me on! It will definitely turn you on, too.

  • Crafted of high-quality, durable leatherette to let you have all the fun you want at half the cost of leather! It cleans easy with just a wipe of a damp cloth. 

  • The wrist and ankle straps connected to a center ring are adjustable to fit any size comfortably. Your love play partner doesn't need to be a contortionist to love being tied up in it!