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Why Would I Want To Do Prostate Play?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Guys even straight guys if you have not tried prostate play or have your prostate stimulated during sex you are missing a very big boat of passion. This is also how male bodies can even have multi orgasms. The prostate is also known as the male g spot. It's a very small 1" gland that can only be reached by anal penetration.

If this is something you have thought about but not quite sure how to bring it up to your partner, you can experience this on your own, however, it's hard to reach the prostate by yourself unless you have a good sex toy such as a dildo to help you out. Now if you are getting help finding the prostate and you feel like your going to urinate why they are inside you that means they found your prostate and just need to back off on the pressure a little bit.

Now that you found the prostate it's good to massage this area with whatever you are using, a person's finger, or a sex toy. Make sure you are using lubrication that is meant for sexual contact. You need to be very careful about what chemicals you put in your body. Now once you get this to where it's filling good, and you're making circular motions on the prostate you can focus on the climax. When you massage this gland for a while even though anal sex your orgasm is going to be 10x's that if a normal orgasm. Especially your first time doing this.

For more information on Prostate play visit Why Try Prostate Play over on a blog put on by Tantus Inc.

Medically approprioate picture of a prostate and penis describing prostate play for men sexual health


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