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Why Is Sex Taboo?

Now why we have not been in the sex-kink- sex toy industry for many many years like others, we just really started a few years ago. The one thing that has helped me have a more open mind about sex, is talking about it, and reading about it. I am not talking the general aspect of talking about sexual experiences to get off, but to learn and understand so I can be a better lover.

When I see how society looks at sex, it makes me wonder if its causing more harm to society then good. Why yes we do not want kids having sex, and an increase in teenage pregnancy but do you think that by shielding them from the information during sex education classes are we doing them more harm than good? It's kind of how if your parents tell you no, your going to do it to spite them kind of a thing. I mean during my sex education class we had to literally keep asking different ended questions to get our teacher to tell us that the penis goes into the vagina. She just kept talking sperm and ovaries. I was like how does the sperm get to the ovaries? The other students started yelling yeah how, and she finally said that the man loves a woman, and he inserts his penis into her vagina. She was so damn red in the face.

So is sex talk taboo because of the religious right? Or could it be because its a very intimate and personal thing? Well in my eyes if it's that intimate, personal and important shouldn't there be more talk about it? Some professionals believe that its taboo because it reminds us of our animal characteristics and behavior.

See how others rationalize why they believe sex is taboo in our culture to this day by reading this article from Sex On Thursday.

I read this article and it was a great read, but still makes me wonder if how we were brought up to think of sex as a taboo private subject that you just discussed it with your close people that you are intimate with, is the reason why its such a bad thing to be discussed openly in public or on public forums such as the internet. Educators and Sex professionals sometimes have a hard time getting their content on the internet and in front of their audiences. We know that for a sure thing, as this is an adult themed site and we have to be very careful on how we market it. It's like walking a tightrope in order to get viewers to our content without having a large budget.

Then there are the religious reasons on why you shouldn't talk about sex and keep it private. Now when I start thinking on this subject, even though I am a man of faith, however I do not follow an organized religion because of the mind-washing and bureaucracy bull crap. I start thinking about they want to keep it a secret, so they can continue raping and molesting innocent woman and children. Sick! However if we did not treat sex as a taboo issue would these victims speak out sooner, causing swifter justice in which would probably cut down on sexual violence? It's a thought?

What are your thoughts?

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