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What Is Age Play?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Age play is a very wide spectrum kink and is broader then what I first thought when I started researching age play due to the fact, I feel like a Middle. So we will eventually be doing an Age Play series talking about the various facets of Age Play. Before we continue I feel we need to talk about the most common misconceptions about Age Play. Shall we?

Age Play is Not A Form of Pedophilia

Age play, like all BDSM, happens only between consenting adults. Age play is not pedophilia. BDSM is not abuse. All actions and dynamics described in this article take place between legal adults. This can manifest in numerous roles or identities including, but not limited to, consenting adults claiming identities of girls, boys, babies, daddy, mommy, etc.

The Definition of Age Play

Age play is a type of role-play in which one or more partners acts as though they are a different age than they really are. Props and clothing - such as ruffled dresses, diapers, children's toys and even cribs - may be used during age play, and this fetish can be sexual or non-sexual. If it is sexual, it's not uncommon for incestuous elements to be incorporated into the role-play. Some examples of this include when an "older" age player assumes the role of an older relative, such as a mother, father, aunt, uncle or sibling.

Although a person in an age play scene may act as if they are older than they are, it is more common for someone to act much younger than they really are. For example, it is more common for one partner to act like a baby, child, adolescent, or teenager. Infantilism, incest fetishes, and Daddy's girl fetishes are all common forms of age play.

Now there are various individuals in the mind space of Age play such as littles, middles, caregivers and upwards. I have been identifying myself more as a middle. I am starting to be a brat, but not in the way other brats are. I am still submissive to my Daddy, but also have a mind of my own.

Littles are age players, a subpopulation of the BDSM/leather community who center child-like joy, wonder, and playfulness in their lives and relationships

Middle (less commonly referred to as an adult tween)

Middles often have more independence than a person identifying as a little, but do prefer the support of a Caregiver as they seek personal acceptance. Middles primarily identify as an age-range between ten and fourteen. ( mentally 10 years to 14 years old)

CG/L is a dynamic within the BDSM community that stands for Caregiver/Little. It is a relationship in which one party is a caregiver, often like a parental figure (most commonly called mommy or daddy), and the other is childlike.

Age play is similar to pup play, and its used for an adult to be able to escape from their regular life to go to that headspace of where things are simpler and there is less responsibility. When age play is sexual is usually referred to as dark age play. Which is a whole another topic for another day.

If you really are new to Age Play and want a great explanation as to how it is to get in that headspace and be able to enjoy your inner child we recommend watching this episode of Watts The Safe Word. See the video below.

We hope you understand Age play more from this post and video. We look forward to writing about the various forms of Age play in the near future.

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