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What Are Gay Bathhouses And Where Do I Find Them

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

What used to be an underground business many years ago, can now operate under the public eye and that is the Gay Sauna now known as Gay Bath Houses. Gay bathhouses are where gay men could go to meet other gay men for the simple act of hooking up. Anonymous sex, sex with strangers, or they're fulfilling their fantasies of having sex in a private but yet public setting with other men.

Now, these kinds of clubs are not in every state but are scattered around the United States and other places in the world based on legalities in the areas where the community would support such businesses. You can almost always find a gay bathhouse near you in larger cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Kansas City, etc. Most of the time when looking for the nearest bathhouse near you, you cant use the Yellow Pages. However, you can use Google Search, as most of the gay saunas are using digital marketing in one form or another to reach their audience.

Very attractive man with a beard, and good physique sitting in only jean shorts in a sauna at a gay bathhouse

Top 10 Tips For Newbies Going To A Gay Bathhouse

I know when I attended my first Gay Bathhouse I was glad to have a seasoned friend take us for our first time. It can be overwhelming for some so it's always nice to go for the first time with someone that kind of knows what they are doing. So if you don't have that option, here are some top 10 tips for going to a gay bathhouse.

Once we go over these tips towards the bottom of this post we will list all the hot gay bathhouses in the United States. We know you itching to get your itched scratched.

Men ine hot tub at the Bath House Steam Works in San Diego

  1. Avoid Expectations - Avoid the expectation that you're going to get laid right away when you go to a gay bathhouse. Some people are going to be attracted to you, some are not. You can never pick the right time or day to go and expect you're going to get some action. When you take this expectation away, you will still find out that you have a good time whether it's with someone you cruising or a group that allowed you to join in with them or watch.

  2. Touching Without Consent Is Not OK- Now when I first started going to a bathhouse I was 19 years old and there has been a lot that has changed in society for the better. Going up to someone and touching them because they are walking around naked is not OK. It's not ok to reach out and touch another person's privates, chest, etc unless you get consent. You could end up at the other end of someone connecting their hands with your face. Not a good thing to do.

Read the rest of the top 10 Tips for Visiting A Gay Bathhouse in this article.

How Do I Find A Gay Bathhouse Near Me

Now there is no secret way to find a Gay Bathhouse near you. You can really do a Google Search for gay spas or Gay Bathhouses and they will show up. If there is a gay bathhouse that is not showing up in Google search this day and age, it's probably not supposed to be in business. So what we thought we would do, is list all the popular gay bathhouses in the United States here with links to their websites. This way you can plan your trip from the comforts of your home, and decide which one to visit.


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Nevada - Gay Bathhouses in Las Vegas Nevada are as follows and in no particular order.

Entourage Vegas Spa and Health Club - Google Customer rating as of the date this blog was written 3.6 This is the only bathhouse in Las Vegas that allows you to rent private rooms. Well this was true only a month ago, but Hawks Gym and Spa now offers rooms.

Hawks Gym & Spa - Located in the same commercial center as the Entourage Vegas Spa, and also the infamous Green Room. Hawks Gym and Spa is a gay gym and spa that has areas where men can meet and hook up. Their Google Rating is 4.0 at the time of this article.

Kuma Club Las Vegas - Kuma is Las Vegas newest gay spa and is pretty popular boasting a google rating of 4.4 at the time of this article.

Gay Bathhouses in Reno Nevada

Steves Bathhouse - Claimed the oldest bathhouse in the United States. Steves Gay Bath House promotes safer sex and is also co-ed during certain hours of the day.

Illinois - Gay Bathhouses and Spas in Illinois

Chicago Bathhouses

Steam Works - Steam works were the first one I went to and I totally loved it. I am looking forward to going up to Steam Works of Chicago next year with my husband and a good friend.

Tampa Florida Gay Bathhouses

Tampa Mens Club - This men's club has specials on different days and seems really modern from their pictures on their gallery.

Front cover of Bears and Cub Magazine. Bears advertising for Tampa Mens Club

Rainbow Cabaret in Tampa Bay Florida is also another choice and from the looks of their rates, a little bit more on the savings side.

Gay Bathhouses In Miami Florida

Club Aqua Miami - Located in Miami Florida Club Aqua offers lockers and private dressing rooms along with VIP dressing rooms.

 A fit guy laying in bed iwth his shirt open and showing the Edge 2 by Lovense sex toy

Club Ft Lauderdale - Close to Miami this gay bathhouse offers all the basic gym spa amenities with some video rooms along with private rooms and lockers.

We will continue adding gay bathhouses to this list as we do more research on them. Remember follow us on social media, and if you are looking for some great adult sex toys the Dungeon has you covered with all the big names. Visit our home page

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