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Ways To Be Sex Positive

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Stop shaming people for their sexuality, desires, and what they do in their bedroom. We have many ways that we can start being more sex-positive than going in the negative direction. One of the areas to be sex-positive and to start spreading love is to stop body shaming. A lot of us are guilty of this, and I will admit when I was younger I would say not-so-nice things about people that were different than me. Knowing back then it was not right, but was so common, that we allowed the ignorance of it all to continue. People change and mindsets can be changed as well. If we all lead from practicing by doing the simple thing as being kind to one another.

Body shaming is something we never want to do to someone because its true words hurt. We all have our own self conscious on how we look, and one of the ways to start living a more sex-positive life is to not only stop body-shaming others but to STOP BODY SHAMING OURSELVES! We need to be able to love ourselves and our own bodies. When we do this we feel better about ourselves and have higher self-esteem. Body shaming ourselves and others is just a nasty, waste of energy and can cause disastrous effects on our personas.

Sex Advocacy

We all know there is a lot of stigma surrounding sex. High school students are not receiving the inclusive, comprehensive sex-ed they need and deserve – in states like Georgia, schools still teach and advocate for abstinence-based education.

However, it is important that people understand their sexual health, their bodies, and how to take care of them from a young age. So, how can we work toward this? Call your state’s legislature! Education is power and part of being sex-positive means advocating for young people to receive adequate and accurate information.

Be A Consent Queen and or King

Consent is mandatory plain and simple, and it should always be received. Consent is an agreement between both parties to have sexual contact. The consent should be verbal and agreed on by both parties. Consent can sexy, and it's the right thing. Consent is also an important conversation to have with friends and family. Educating yourself and others on what consent really means will encourage everyone to be more sex-positive.

Examples of what consent means. Whats consent and what is not.

Do Not Shame Others Based On Their Sexual Practices Kinks, and Or Fetishes

There are many things that we don't understand and look at from a different perspective. When it comes to kinks and fetishes, and sex workers it should be no different. If you do not understand something, instead of saying it's weird, bizarre, or disgusting, how about just saying that's not for me, and maybe educating yourself on the subject. I have had one of those mindsets where I viewed kink and fetishes as weird and bizarre, but now after opening up my mind, I find them fascinating, fun and meeting some of the nicest people out there because of it.

Charcoal writrten meme Consent is Sexy with sexy crossed out and Mandatory in bigger letters at the bottom.


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