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Wax Play - to Drip or Not to Drip?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Recently I have been discussing wax play with a lot of friends. Finding out what they know and like about it. It is always nice to be able to discuss this and get different points of view. Those who did not know much thought it was just going to the store and picking up any candle and melting it on someone. After research and some practice I know that basically it is buying a candle and dripping the melted wax on someone. But there is so much more to it than just that.

The type of wax used can have an impact on how the experience goes. Beeswax should be avoided for this type of play. The melting point is 145-170F and will likely cause burns. Paraffin wax candles have a melting point of 120-135F and would be recommended more before beeswax. There are also soy wax candles that have a melting point of 130-145F. Soy candles are recommended more because of a few reasons. The melting point being in the middle of the three types discussed is one reason. Soy wax tends to cool the quickest when making contact with the skin. Because it is soy, it can sometimes be less likely to cause irritations or allergic reactions.

Speaking of allergies, there are some things added to candles that can cause allergic reactions in some people and also increase the melting points. Dyes and scents added to candles can cause allergies for some people. When planning a scene, make sure any allergies are discussed prior to starting. When the melting points are increased, the wax may be more likely to burn. Take this into account when using them. You may need to adjust the distance of the candle.


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Avoid metallic candles as some of these may contain metallic salts. Through my research, I found it said they will burn the skin. One source I found said that they can be poisonous but I need to further research that myself. Another additive in some candles is stearin. This is used in some candles to make them harder. By making them harder, the melting point is increased. This can cause second-degree burns if used.

Don’t forget to set a safeword before starting a session. Make sure to discuss everything that will be happening so everyone involved is informed and gives consent. Also, discuss any aftercare that might be needed. Sometimes it is just some calm talking or cuddling that is needed for aftercare. As with any kink, make sure you have an emergency kit on hand to handle any emergency that might happen. With wax play, it can be as simple as a bottle of water to cool wax or to put out the candle. Some even keep a wet towel or fire extinguisher for such purposes.

When deciding to participate in any kink, make sure you get informed first. The things discussed in this blog I found through my own research. I am no expert at wax play. I have experience but I am far from being an expert. Some may have different views on wax play and disagree with some of the information here and that is ok. People practice their kinks in different ways because there is no clear one way to do things. Do what you like and what feels good, just do it safely and responsibly.

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