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The Full Reason Why Only Fans Is Ending Sexual Explicit Content

Sex workers who make a living or supplement their income with sexual content are soon going to be looking for another venue to share their videos and pictures with their fans for an income. People are outraged saying that is turning their back on the people that earn them the most revenue. Only Fans made a statement that they are doing this to appease their banks and financial institutions.

Only Fans who is based in Great Brittan has been having a hard time with securing funding due to financial institutions being scared to be associated with sexually explicit content. This is why sex workers who during the pandemic have turned to Only Fans subscription service where they make revenue off of the content that they post for their fans, feel like they have been hanged out to dry. Others are saying the tech industry has been known for making a profit from sex workers and then when they are not needed shut them out.

I was seeing on social media from a news source something else about Only Fans and firmly believe that this could be the reason that sparked Only Fan's financial troubles. If it is true, then they should be held accountable. I did some more research and found where a Congress Woman from the United States is starting to request that the DOJ investigate for exploiting minors on their site.

I have seen a few BDSM Educators mention this part of the story on social media feeds where they feel that it's targeting sex workers in general because of the way Onlyfans vets their content creators to verify age. However, if there are backdoor ways that people are properly getting sign up as creators and then selling minor porn through their channels then they need to be investigated and if found true, all support for them should be diminished.

I am hoping sex workers will find other safe venues to produce their content and make an income. We don't want to share any more of a personal opinion on this subject right now and want to give you links to the sources of the information we have found. so you can be more updated on the events leading up to why Onlyfans is changing.

So when we started digging into this story, because when I heard of the financial reason being the main subject, I was wondering how much of the public is aware of these accusations. This is just a short list, as there were many more.

We encourage everyone to dig in themselves on this subject, so you can be aware of what this is all about. If OnlyFans does have underage minor content and is somehow knowingly promoting sex trafficking that was mentioned in Rep. Paul Gosar's article if there are enough grounds for an investigation, they need to do so, and if it's proved that they are, they need to be shut down.

We will keep looking at this story as it unfolds and update this post periodically to reflect what is going on.

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