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The 3 Most Common Fantasy Requests for Sex Workers

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

There was no major study done, but some sex workers were interviewed by the Huffington post and were able to put their 2 cents in, on how they all get the most common fantasy requests from their clients. Some of these were a bit shocking but not all of them. Some are actually our kink.


There were a few escorts that mentioned they had clients who wanted to see them have sex with their wives. So what they did is have the escort have sex with another man why they watched to get the effect of watching their wife being fucked by another man.


This request is received a lot more, and it usually involves a couple, married, or just in a relationship where they pay the escort to be with them and their significant other. I mean 3 -somes are very popular and can be a lot of fun if there is good communication and an open mind.

Forced BI

Another popular request that numerous workers were asked to do was to have another male involved. They would then order the male client to give oral to the other male, or even go as far as having sexual intercourse.

These fantasies are not all out of the ordinary really, when you think of various kinks and fetishes. Check out our other posts on BDSM, KINK, and Fettishes.

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