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Teledildonics Male and Female Toys. Great Intimate Gift Ideas

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Holidays are not going to be the same this year unfortunately with Covid-19 still plaguing most of the world, but we can make the best of it with these brands that are making great new teledildonics toys. We are here to tell you about the new wifi sex toys from Kiiroo, Lovense and EsMale. That's why we have something for all sexes, and you are sure to enjoy these great app-controlled devices while having fun with your loved ones miles away. So let's get started.

This new teledildonics toy is great for females or males. Its unique design and wifi capabilities make this a great sex toy. Lovense wanted to thank their customers for being so loyal during a difficult time that they are only going to make a certain amount of these new toys. The Mission from Lovense, is unique in design, shape and color. Its also being sold at a very low price of only $69.99 plus tax and shipping. WOW not too many good quality WiFi toys on the market. Thanks Lovense!!

Experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm is not an exaggeration! Connect your KEON to an extensive list of interactive erotic content produced by some of the world's leading adult sites. Feel every thrust, moan and groan in real-time. Guys you will really enjoy this great WiFi driven Virtual Reality toy. You just have to hold it and enjoy the ride! Why watching some of your favorite content. This Male Masturbator is sure to blow you away.

Cell mate male chasity electronic lock Sex Toys

If you like control and want to make sure your partner is locked and not have to worry if they are sneaking the key or taking off their Chasity device. This is for you! Control it from the app on your smartphone or tablet and whoolah you have control of your partner's cage.

We are excited to see new sex toys coming out from our vendors right before this years upcoming 2020 Holiday shopping season. Be sure to keep visiting the Dungeon for new toys, and great deals that will be popping up from now until Christmas!

Remember Double D Dungeon carries Mr Hankey Sex Toys!

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