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Tantus Sex Toy Mystery Box Unboxing Video

Last month we purchased our own Mystery Box from Tantus Toys. Now for some of you that do not know what a Mystery box from Tantus Toys we are going to tell you. Tantus will take softly out of quality toys that do not meet their QA checks. The alterations could be where a color bleeds over into another, they are barely noticeable imperfections to the customers. They create these mystery boxes that you get to purchase for great value!

Now we purchased ours and your guaranteed 3 toys, at least 3 toys with a value of $185 or higher. We received 4 toys with a value of over $200. We were so happy with our purchase that we will be purchasing another Tantus Mystery Box from Tantus Toys really soon.

Watch the video below as Scrappy AKA Richard unboxes the mystery box that we received.

To get your Mystery Box from Tantus toys and to help support us at the Double D Dungeon use this link to go directly to Tantus and order your mystery!

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