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Tantus Dildos and Butt Plugs

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

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Tantus makes some of the best dildos and butt plugs in our opinion due to the high-quality silicone rubber that they use for most of their toys. The vibrant colors and top quality make using Tantus toys more pleasurable. We have selected some of these various Tantus toys that we found to be different from others that are on the market.

Chess Pieces we thought was neat just because the butt plugs were shaped into neat life like chess pieces. You can also choose to get a queen or a bishop for your pieces. The queen was made with size in mind for royalty and the Bishop is one of Tantus largest toys. Made with the 100% Ultra-Premium Super Soft silicone that Tantus is well known for.

Then they have a selection of fantasy dildos such as the Magma. The Magma is made of molten silicon and textured with drips. You can put this toy in hot water for temperature play. You will enjoy the luxurious texture and the Magma just like other Tantus Toys are easy to clean and Eco Friendly.

Tantus has a large selection of toys not just butt plugs and dildos. You will be amazed at the selection. Visit our Tantus toys page and to view the entire Tantus collection click on the banner.

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