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Sub Vs Dom Do You Require Eye Contact or eyes away

I am going to be doing a lot of writing about BDSM on the topic of Subs and Doms, Masters and Slaves. I just find the whole thing interesting and I enjoy being a sub most of the time. However, that's another story. I wanted to see what your opinions were on a subject that was brought up in one of my BDSM groups that I am a member of.

The main question was "Do you need your subs eye contact or do you require eyes cast down? Why?

There was quite a response and I want to share those with you but still protecting the member's names in the group. I know from personal experience my Dom likes for me to make eye contact with him.

I'm a sub. And super shy. I make eye contact only if my Dom makes me. Because I won't by myself, nor if he orders me to do it 😂

Only if he makes me. Eye contact I struggle with daily so it’s not easy.

Eye contact is important as it lets me see how she’s feeling

SO IMPORTANT! My sub is bad at it but I’m teaching him slowly that the eyes contact is important

I asked my ex dom this. In scene, punishment or anything like that he insisted on eye contact. One of the rules given to me though was at night, I would go upstairs first and turn down our bed, I would kneel in the corner with eyes cast down until I was given further instruction when he came up.

It depends on the scene but the rule is generally eye contact is required.

No fixed rule as such. Now that I think of it, eye contact is allowed when we are being cuddly, or funny, or intimate. When she is getting punished eyes are almost always downcast. I never gave this much thought though to be honest.

My Mistress prefers no eye contact and punishes me when I forget

As a sub, I think eye contact is important.

When I'm being punished or disciplined eye contact is required. My dom wants to make sure he sees I understand my punishment. But outside of that, it's all optional mostly.

So as you can see there is quite a bit of conversation about this topic. What is your choice? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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