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Sneak Peek At Kiiroo Black Friday Sales 2021

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The holidays are here and they really snuck up on us this year. Black Friday sales are starting to heat up with some companies already starting, and then there are ones that are keeping it hush-hush but building up anticipation for a blowout of a sale like Kiiroo is doing. Kiiroo is going to be having up to 70% off on their sex toys starting in the next few days and having a special say each day could be different. We don't know all the specifics yet but where is what we do know.

Esca2 50% off = $49

Realm 70% off = $69

Keon (without stroker) 40% off = $119

Keon + generic storker (all colours) + Hand/Neck Strap = $159

Keon + FeelStars storker + Hand/Neck Strap $199

Onyx+ 50% off = $109

Titan 30% off = $105

You will have to wait to hear about how exactly they will be doing their sale, as we don't know all the specifics as of yet. When we do we will be posting them on our Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sales page that will be up and going until the 1st of the Year. Be sure to bookmark it and check on it daily as we are updating as things are released. They will start the sales tomorrow 11/23 and announce a new sale each day until the 30th of November.

So tomorrow check out our Black Friday Sales Page with the link below to find out what the first day will bring us for Kiiroo Black Friday Sales.



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