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Sex and Mental Health

When people think about sex, they do not pair it up as to how it can affect your mental health. Yeah who would thought? Here is what we found.

Sex can decrease stress by releasing various hormones in the body. There has even be studies that show that regular 1 once a day having sex will lower blood pressure. I know we have sex at least once a day, almost 7 days a week and my blood pressure has been regular.

Having sex boosts your self esteem.

Sex also helps you with some of your basic human needs. Now sex is not a basic human need, however sex is a way to feel connection with your partner and even more an intimate love. So its like the channel or one of the tasks you to do, to get to the human need of connection.

There are various ways sex can impact your mental health. There are many negative ways sex can impact your mental health if its not in the context you want it to be. I will post more indepth posts on various topics for Sex and Mental Health in the very near future.

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