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Pride Month How Did We Get Here

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

We really feel this year for Pride we should look back to see what really got us here. I am also not talking about researching history back to the Stone Wall Riots but also in the past that caused our people to revolt. I have been doing a lot of research back into what it was like to be gay back in the 1920s and really am amazed as to what LGBTQ people went through back then. There were also some positive times even in the dark history of the people before us. In this post, we wanted to kick off Pride month by discussing how Pride got started. Here are some facts that some do not know about, and we thought we would showcase them here.

Pride Parades were not originally called pride parades. The first parade after the Stone Wall Inn Rebellion was known as CSLD Marches. (Christopher Street Liberation March. The success of this march inspired other local organizers across the United States and around the world to start their own LGBTQ marches.

The Mother of Pride was a bisexual woman named Brenda Howard. She was very instrumental in organizing the CLSD March and laying the foundation for week-long celebrations of pride up to the modern-day parades.

Pride celebration for LGBTQ carrying a large rainbow pride flag

Why the first LGBTQ parade was in Chicago, the history of the March in New York is marked as the start of the movement that we see today. I want to do more research into the past history of LGBTQ and write about it, because I feel if we do not remember those days from the past, we will forget why we show so much pride not only in the month of June but every day. So much has happened and many people have made sacrifices to get us to where we are at today.

Another good source of information on Pride was this article we found that discussed 10 facts about LGBTQ Pride Month.

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