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Pride 2022 Brought To You By?

Well were are only a few days away from Pride month of 2022 starting and we will be seeing all the advertising of Pride brought to you by Absolute, Google, Netflix, and the list goes on and on, when actually Pride was brought to us by drag queens, and black trans community members.

When you look to see how much Pride has been changed into what use to be an unique celebration, has now turned into a month long holiday where fortune 500 companies are trying to get our money. Now why some companies will donate some of their monies during the month of ne, others are simply slapping rainbows on their websites, and bill boards to ust get us in the door to spend our money. They probably really do not care or know the cause of why we celebrate.

We have a few blog posts from past years on the history of LGBTQIA Pride. See how we got here and how Pride has evolved over the years.

If you want to support a LGBTQIA owned and operated business, shop for your BDSM Gear, Sex Toys, and other Kink products with us here at the Double D Dungeon.

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