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Pound Your Hole With Mr. Hankey's Sex Toys

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Enjoying anal sex can be the fun of all times, and for those of us that are avid bottoms, we eventually get past the small to medium dildos that are usually on the market. We were for years stuck with these sizes, as no one was brave enough to start getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Well, that time came when Mr. Hankey's Sex Toys started making dildos back in 2016. Mr. Hankey knew that there were plenty of other sex toy manufacturers out there that were making premium quality silicone dildos, however, they were not making large, XL, and XXXL ones, nor were they being creative in making them. So they wanted to stand out with service, quality, and creativity.

Mr. Hankey's wanted to be unique to stand out from all the various manufactures, and that they did. Making 2 various lines of dildos. One is their realistic dildo line, and the 2nd one is a Sci-FI Fantasy line of dildos. Yes, you can imagine yourself getting your hole pounded by a sear horse with their sea horse dildo.

Curved Body safe silicone realistic dildo from Mr, Hankeys Toys

Mateo XXXL Silicone Dildo from Mr. Hankeys toys next to a bear can to show its bigger and wider then the can.

Mr. Hankey's Dildos are made to order for the most part. Toys are not made until they are ordered. So if you order an XL Lampwick, that dildo will be made either that day or the very next day and then shipped shortly afterward. Mr. Hankey's Sex Toys takes the quality of their adult toys very seriously.

The other thing that makes this adult toy manufacturer so great, is that all of their toys are made with body-safe high-quality premium silicone.

Tentacle Dildo from Mr. Hankeys Sex Toys light blue.

If you want to know more about Mr. Hankey Sex Toys and how to custom order your next toy visit their page here at the Double D Dungeon by clicking here Mr. Hankey Sex Toys

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