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New Lovense Sex Machine Discounted Price

Lovense has been innovating sex toys for the last few years, and they have really out did themselves with the new sex machine that they just released. What's even great about this if you order now you can purchase this great device for half the price! You wont even pay a thousand dollars!

The new Lovense sex machine is also capable of two people using it at the same time. The new Lovense sex machine is also controlled by the Lovense app which will make this a great device for cam models to use to increase engagement from their fans, and to increase their earnings. Now for those of us that just like to have a fuck machine like this, its so easy to assemble and is very portable so you can take it almost everywhere you go.

New Lovense Sex machine showing controls, and one dilldo attached. Machine is 2 sided so two people can enjoy at the same time.

This sex machine can be turned up to where it hits 300 strokes per min. This will allow a great full out fun, whether your a novice or an experience bottom, this machine is suitable for you. The most fun with any Lovense device is that you can either play alone with or with someone else, by letting them control your sex machine with the Lovense app from any where in the world.

Lovense Sex Machine with one dildo attached.

If you get in on the pre order from Lovense now, you can purchase this machine for half off. But it wont be on sale for ever. Lovense is going to sell these machines for $1399.00 but if you get in on this pre order event you can purchase yours for only $699 saving yourself $700.

The sex machine comes with 2 silicone dildos, and 2 vac locks. Visit our website page for the sex machine by visiting here LOVENSE for more information.

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