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Natural Foods To Battle Erectile Dysfunction

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Sexual potency is very important for a healthy sex life with your partner and even if you do not have a partner. When your penis just stays in the limp mode there is no fun in that. What I believe is that a lot of us put sexual potency or getting hard as a thing if it dosent happen that we are broke as men. That is not true at all. There are many things that cause the dick not to stand at attention, and we can battle a lot of that with our diets. Also trying to be less stress before sex can also help. Maybe you need to meditate before getting it on with your partner.

There is a natural way to be able to start getting your soldier at attention and increasing your sexual potency for men.

Picture of the mentioned foods in this article about eating to improve bigger boners potency


Nuts will increase potency in men, and you need to eat a variety of different nuts in order for you to get hard and nut yourself. Nuts build potency in the male blood system, and there for helps with you getting a boner. You will want to add nutmeg to your diet and also eat cashews, peanuts, and almonds. At least eat 2 servings of these a day. Nutmeg is essential you get this daily. You can put the powder in food or in a drink. Eating Nuts with honey is also a great benefit as Honey has the nutrients to help with blood flow to the testicles.


Onions are jammed packed with nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and high in iodine properties. This makes sure your blood is flowing strong, and creates great potency to the penis. To improve your sex life it does not matter which kind of onions you consume. They are all beneficial in the same manner.


Garlic is a proven stimulant of potency. It contains vitamins B, C, D, calcium, magnesium, sodium, which are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. Selenium is more useful for male health conditions.

Garlic contains cortisol – an element that regulates the body’s energy reserves. It increases the activity of sperm and adds strength for powerful sexual intercourse. Garlic is desirable to use as often as possible. It activates blood circulation and increases erection.


Ginger is a truly male product. The root of this plant increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones, raises the level of male hormones, which increases blood circulation in the genitals and prolongs sexual intercourse. Zinc contained in ginger acts as a catalyst for testosterone synthesis, and vitamins and minerals (K, Mg, Fe, A, B1, C) improve the function of the sex glands.


Ginseng is an indispensable simulator of sexual desire. Its root is the most useful part of the plant, it instantly acts on the body, gives a surge of sexual desire and enhances sensation. With the constant use of this product sexual function and the sexual capabilities are increased. Ginseng has a vasodilating effect, it stimulates the blood supply to the penis, gives a strong erection and increases the duration of sexual intercourse. Ginseng is taken as a tincture – 25 drops for 4 weeks.

Turnip to increase sexual endurance

Turnip stimulates the synthesis of the main sex hormone – testosterone, improves sexual viability and adds vitality. Turnip – a product that is extremely useful for potency. The root contains doses of iodine, phosphorus, calcium, copper, vitamins B1, B2 and B5. Turnip stimulates the synthesis of the main sex hormone – testosterone, improves sexual endurance. Introduction to the diet of root and turnip seeds has an immediate effect. There is a steady increase in potency and male sexual desire. Turnip to increase potency is effective in raw and prepared. Boiled root vegetable is used in combination with meat. A raw turnip may be used as part of a vitamin salad.

So eat a good balance of these foods daily and watch your libido increase and your dick finally rise up to the challenge. Also a good thing to remember is blood flow and hydration so get plenty of exercise even if it is walking, and drink plenty of water. Nowadays to keep a person hydrated is not just the simple 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water anymore. It also depends on your weight. Also men if you are overweight, losing 10 even 15 pounds will help in getting that soldier to rise.

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