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National Masturbation Month 2022 May

Wow this month has really snuck up on us that we totally forgot its one of our most favorite months! May is national masturbation month. The month where its totally opposite of November. Masturbating is actually a healthy way to keep your mental health and physical health as well. Did you know that males if you masturbate get off daily or at least 22 times a month you are less likely to get prostate cancer?

There are some great tid bits about masturbation and various ways to celebrate National Masturbation Month. We came across some of them that we thought were extremely hilarious that we wanted to share them with you.

Get Naughty in Nature

Are you down with OPPs, but not STDs? Have a really hot friend that maybe has warts or herpes or something? Now's the time to throw caution to the wind. Get drunk, get awkward, get outside and get to masturbating with them. No harm. No foul. No clinic visit needed.

Do the Reverse Seinfeld "Contest"

Make a pact with your friends. The person who cums the most by midnight on May 31st wins! (Entry fee is $100 for men, $150 for women.)

Really thought those were funny, and a couple that were not so tasteful so they didnt make the cut. Masturbation month is marked to encourage self love and end the stigma that you have a mental illness if you masturbate. If you do masturbate regularly, your very much very normal, but what is normal any more? That's another subject for another day.

There are other ways you can celebrate National Masturbation month. You could purchase a new sex toy to help bring you some self pleasure. Its a treat to mark the special occasion. You can also include a friend if you get some teledildonic toys and really have a good time.

Be sure to keep following our blog as we will be coming out with more articles and information on masturbation for everyone!

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