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My road to ILW 2023 Part 2

I am still preparing myself for ILW 2023. Part of that is performing a fantasy on stage. I have picked what I will be doing in this fantasy and have started practicing so that I am prepared. It will take some practice but as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. I am excited to be able to show those attending what I can do.

There are so many things I could do for a fantasy scene but I picked rope bondage because that was the first kink I started learning at the start of the pandemic. Due to the pandemic shutting down so much, I was not able to attend in-person classes to learn this skill. I instead had to learn by watching videos on youtube and doing my own research.

At the time, my husband was not really into rope bondage so I practiced on myself. I would watch a video a few times and then attempt to do it. I had to pause multiple times so I could keep up with the person in the video, as I did not move as quickly as they would. The main thing I had a problem with is some of the intricacies in the back, which I could not see.

With more practice, I was able to overcome some of my mistakes and improved my skill greatly. I got more confident in my abilities and started trying more ties. I even signed up for basic rope bondage certificate through Shibari Academy. My goal is to work through this and provide a video diary of my work. Starting next week, I should have the first installment available.

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