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Mr Hankey Toys Cyber Monday Sale! December 2, 2019

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Update 11/26/2021 - Check out this year's Mr. Hankeys Toys Cyber Monday sale for 2021! Visit our blog post. Mr Hankeys Toys Cyber Monday Sale November 29th, 2021

Update 11/28/20 - OK its finally here there will be a Cyber Monday sale for Mr Hankeys Sex Toys! However they are not announcing what the sales will be. They are however making it very easy for their customers this year by not making us use a check-out code! All special discounts will be applied at check out.

So why the secret about the specials? Well I guess were going to have to visit their home page to find out! Visit our blog 2020 Mr Hankey's Toys Cyber Monday sale to get the full updated information.

Update 11/11/2020 - Mr Hankey Toys has not yet announced any Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sales that we are aware of for the 2020 Holiday Season. When they do we will update this post to reflect the 2020 Sales from this popular vendor!

As most of you are anticipating Mr Hankey Toys has shut their website down in preparation for their huge annual Cyber Monday Day Sale! Their Cyber Monday Sale code will also be announced on Monday December 2, 2019 on theirs and their affiliates websites. You can get your Mr Hankey Toy Cyber Monday Code right here by visiting our Mr. Hankey Store.

Here are the facts revolving around Mr. Hankey Cyber Monday Sale. Please be sure to read these so you are not left out in the dark.


Cyber Monday is always an extremely busy day for us, we will receive many orders on this day. To ensure that your order processes smoothly and to minimize any delay, please read and follow these tips: 1. Be patient. You may be used to us shipping within 1-2 days. On Cyber Monday and for the entire month of December, there will be delays on all orders - Do not place an order unless you are willing to be patient and are willing to experience a delay. All orders are processed in the order they are received (Excluding custom orders) and all orders are made from scratch. Our goal is to have all orders placed on Cyber Monday shipped on or before December 23rd, hopefully sooner but this will depend on the amount of orders that we receive. 3. Enter your coupon code at checkout. If you skip this step and we need to flag your order and process a refund, this will further delay your order's processing. You cannot combine any other coupon codes or use any other coupon codes on Cyber Monday. 4. Enter your address correctly. If we cannot ship your order due to missing address information, this will significantly delay your order and we may cancel and refund your order if we cannot contact you quickly. 5. Do NOT make changes to your order. If you email us requesting a change to your order, we will cancel and refund your order. You will most likely miss the Cyber Monday Sale if you do this as we will not extend the discount beyond Cyber Monday for ANY reason. Double check your order before you submit it. 6. We will NOT extend the Cyber Monday discount for ANY reason. The Cyber Monday coupon code is ONLY valid between 12:00 AM PST December 2nd to 11:59 PM PST December 2nd. 7. Do NOT email us about your order unless it's absolutely necessary. When someone emails us about their order, we pull it and flag it for follow up. This means that if it's in line and waiting to be manufactured, we will pull it out of the line, answer the question and then it goes to the back of the line. Do NOT email us about your order unless absolutely necessary. 8. If you do email us and you are pushy, rude or bombard us with emails - we'll cancel and refund your order. Don't be a dick, we are very busy processing orders and you are not the only person on this planet. If you think that you are entitled to better service than the other customers who have placed an order with us, who followed the tips and who are waiting patiently - please purchase elsewhere. 9. There are no refunds or exchanges on orders once shipped - select your size carefully. If you want to cancel your order, email us at Give us your order number, name and request a cancellation. If your order has been manufactured, there is a 50% restocking fee. If your order has not been manufactured, there is no fee. If your order has shipped, it will not be refunded. We do not refund orders once shipped. If your item is damaged or not correct, please email us and let us know what the problem is and we'll take care of you. We will not refund or exchange an order once shipped. 10. Custom colors and firmness levels will experience the most delays. Custom colors and firmness levels will automatically go to the back of the line no matter what time of day the order was placed. These types of orders are very time consuming for us, we will process them as time allows. 11. If you buy a custom color or custom firmness, follow these directions: Add the Custom Color Option located near the bottom of our shop page for each custom colored toy. Likewise for custom firmness. Email us your name, order number and custom color and/or firmness request. Include a photo if you have an example of the color you would like. We will process your order as time allows, there will be significant delays on custom orders. 12. We reserve the right to shut down our Cyber Monday sale. If we receive too many orders, we reserve the right to shut down our sale early. 13. Cyber Monday Coupon Code. Code will be announced on December 2nd on our homepage and in the header and footer on any page. Do not place your order unless you have entered the Cyber Monday coupon code. 14. We won't be very responsive on December 2nd. This means that if you email us a question regarding an order you placed or want to place on Cyber Monday, it probably won't be answered in time. Do you research ahead of time, read our FAQ's and educate yourself prior to Cyber Monday so that you don't need to email us - there is a good chance that many emails sent to us on Cyber Monday will not be answered that same day. Almost all answers to questions can be found in our FAQ.

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