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Mr Hankey's Toys Cyber Monday Sale 2020

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The announcement has been made, the major annual Cyber Monday sale from Mr Hankey's Toys is happening in 2020! There is some secrecy as of right now on what the sales are going to be. They are however making it easier on the customers by not making us use a discount code, or a special check out code. They stated all discounts will be deducted at the check out screen.

UPDATED 11/26/2021 - Mr Hankeys announces 2021 Cyber Monday Sale and its going to be Different This year then years past! There is even a suprise bonus! Check it out here on our blog post.

We are super excited that the 2020 Mr. Hankey's Sex Toy cyber Monday sale is happening. We know you are because traffic to our post from 2019 is getting a lot of traffic waiting for this day! So visit here on November 30th right at the stroke of Midnight to find out what this years sales are. So that's Sunday Night at Midnight for Monday morning!!!

Details Faq From Mr Hankeys On The 2020 Cyber Monday Sale

  1. We will announce all offers on Cyber Monday, November 30th at 12:00 am PST on our homepage. Refresh the homepage after this time.

  2. Our shop is closed, you cannot currently checkout with any items.

  3. You do not need to enter any promo code, your discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

  4. If you email us, include your order number if you have already placed your order.

  5. DO NOT email us unless you wish to cancel your order, need to correct your address, or have purchased the custom firmness option from our accessories page, or have an URGENT matter regarding your order. We will receive a lot of emails on Cyber Monday and if we have to flag your order due to an email that we need to respond to beyond the reasons listed above, this may cause delays with your order.

  6. DO NOT let your eyes get greedier than your hole! The biggest regret we hear from customers is that they ordered a size that will not fit. Measure carefully, compare to dimensions of your existing toys, CHOOSE CAREFULLY.

  7. You may have received tracking information. We preprint all shipping labels, but this does not necessarily mean that the order has shipped yet, it does mean that your order is in line to be manufactured.

  8. If you cancel your order after it has been manufactured, there will be a 50% restocking fee.

  9. Custom colors are not an option between Nov 30th through Jan 15th, this option is turned off through these dates.

  10. Custom firmness is an option that will be available, once you place your order, please email us your order number and firmness request immediately, please do not wait to do this.

  11. You can see our explanations regarding firmness and more about our toys at our YouTube channel here or view our Sample Pack on our Accessories Page here and also read further down on our FAQ page for more info.

  12. CHOOSE CAREFULLY, if you request a change to your order such as size or model of toy we will have to refund your order and you cannot be eligible after Nov 30th for our Cyber Monday discount unless you were able to replace your order that same day (and we may not get through all of the emails that same day). If you change your firmness or color, we will have to flag your order, and this may cause delays or issues. Do your research beforehand and choose wisely. If you email us with a question on Cyber Monday, we may not respond the same day.

  13. Please keep in mind that we do not stock products, all orders are manufactured from scratch. These are high-quality, handmade toys. We promise that the wait will be worth it!

  14. All orders placed on Cyber Monday are subject to longer than normal lead times. Please be patient and be prepared to incur longer than normal wait as this will apply to all orders placed between November 30th through December due to Cyber Monday sales and the holiday rush. Our elves are working 24/7 to get your order out but please be prepared to be patient depending on where you are in line.

  15. If you place multiple orders, they CANNOT be combined. If you wish to have them combined, we will need to cancel them so that you can place one single order. We may not be able to cancel your order in time for you to receive the Cyber Monday discount.

  16. We cannot extend the Cyber Monday discount under any circumstances. If you want to cancel and reorder the same day, make a change to the size, or model of the toy meaning we have to cancel your order, there is no guarantee that we will get to your email on Cyber Monday and you will be excluded from the sale.

  17. The Cyber Monday discount and offer cannot be combined with any other coupons, codes, or offers. This includes the Birthday promo offer.


Mr Hankeys Cyber Monday Sale 2020

There you have it folks! The excitement about the ultimate and only sale of the year from Mr Hankey's toys is just a day and a few hours away! Visit here on November 30th, right at the stroke of Midnight to see those great Cyber Monday Sales! Mr Hankey's Toys Cyber Monday page

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