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Men's Sexual Health Maintaining and Erection

Sex is a very important part of a mans life. Maintaining a well balanced, healthy sex life is very important. Remember the saying if you don't use it your going to lose it? Well it holds true to having a healthy sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction

This happens more commonly then what men want to admit. It also caused by many factors that vary with every single one of us men. Do not think that its something you did wrong. Might be a combination of changing your diet, or getting a little medical assistance by calling your Dr.

Causes of Dysfunction can happen and is not limited to :

Sleep Depreciation


Relationship Issues

Money Issues


Health Issues


Sometimes you just need to drink water, breath and relax. Create the mood with your partner even if you are not in the mood. If you do not use your penis, it will get tissue y, soft, and not rise to the occasion any more. Its important to make sure your tool stays active from time to time.

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