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May National Masturbation Month 2021

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

May is National Masturbation Month, and we would like to celebrate it by sharing content surrounding masturbation in the 21st century. Masturbation is still a taboo subject to discuss publicly. Most people still have a stigma that it's not healthy to do. Were here to tell you it's natural and a very healthy thing to do. I was amazed to find out that there was actually some political history behind National Masturbation month also known as International Masturbation Month. We discovered this information on Wikipedia.

The content we want to put out for you is based on some of the calls we have been receiving about some of the toys we promote on our site. We will be having content about masturbation and sexual health, how to use Fleshjack toys, various masturbation techniques for all sexes. Learning about masturbating is learning self-love. We all need to start practicing more self-love, and we can start that by masturbating more if you only do it once or twice a month.

A man laying on his back with his hands down his jeans with his belt unbuckled and is shirtless.


Get off by punishing your hole with a Mr. Hankey Dildo. Check out their Realistic and Fantasy lines of sex toys.


As we publish the new content we will update this post with the links, and descriptions of each piece of content so you can devour it in any direction you want too. Masturbation is a great way to have a healthy mental and physical well-being. It can also be fun! We look forward to celebrating National Masturbation Month of 2021 with you all!

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