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Long Distance Relationship Sex Toy Gift Ideas

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This Holiday season is going to be very different, with the social distancing, and it can put a strain on any relationship. If you are in a long distance relationship, or a relationship where you cannot see your significant other, these long distance sex toys arere the perfect gift idea to give to your loved ones.

Put the spark back in your love life by being able to have your partner interact during the session. With these great teledictronic toys you can now engage with your loved one even thousands of miles apart, all you need is a Wifi signal and a computer or smart phone.


Mr Hankey Sex Toys



Lovense is one of the leading manufacturers of teledictonic toys. Most of their toys can be synced together so you can really engage in the long distance love making. Lovense has a very vast selection of WIFI sex toys. See Lovense Here.


Really get yourself immersed into virtual sex with either yourself, with a partner from another state, or with one of your favorite porn stars. With Kirroo you can have the best of both worlds with their leading sate of the art technology. You can either have enjoyment by interacting with your favorite porn, or use their WIFI technology to interact with your lover. Visit the Kiiroo Page here.

When your shopping in 2020 for the best gift ideas for long distance couples be sure to shop with Double D Dungeon for all of your adult toy, and kink gear needs. Visit us at

Another great gift idea for this Holiday season for couples would be the Titan and Pearl2 Couple Set also offered by Kiiroo.

This way you both can enjoy all the feels with your partner in another part of the world. Simple to use smart phone app, and your Titan and Pearl from Kiiroo and your all set to go! Its the best way to be able to engage in sexual love making when your not in the same room. It takes sexting to a whole new level.

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