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Kinks and Fetishes Along With Their Definitions

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Now there is a larger number out there then just the ones we talk about, but we selected the most popular ones of 2021 due to trends and what people are searching and talking about on the internet. Kink and Fetishes always seem to be taboo, but finding information on them can be some what difficult when you want more then just the general definition. So for January of 2021 we will be publishing a more detailed post about the various kinks and fetishes we name in this article.

We hope you enjoy this, and if you find the information valuable please share it on your social media. Now lets get talking about kinks shall we.

Breath Play - Now this is actually one of my all time faves. I have not gotten too involved in this play other then with my husband, but right before I climax, I love when he chokes me. I also like it when he chokes me and rubs his beard on my face, and my neck. Breath play is also known as Erotic asphyxiation. Before engaging in breath play make sure you are safe with it. We will be discussing this more when we publish the breath play article in January 2021. Visit our Blog Post for more details on Breath Play

Voyeurism - Voyeurism is watching and or having sex in a public manner. Not necessarily out in public, but performing in front of another person or a group of people. I remember when I was younger a lot of gay men would go to an area park to cruise for sex, or to just masturbate in front of someone. Voyeurism is a very popular kink.

BDSM- BDSM is a very broad kinks, with many various ones under it. We cannot wait to touch this topic as it will be numerous ones that we will have to do a whole another new segment for. BDSM stands for Bondage, Dominate, Sub, Machoism. Slave, Master, Dom, Sub, Brat, Lil, Pup Play, the list goes on and on.

Golden Showers - Golden Showers also known as piss play is one of the other popular kink and fetishes out there. This involves urine whether you piss in another persons mouth or on them, or vice versa. Golden showers is often used in BDSM play to demonstrate dominate over their sub in consensual play. This is also where individuals will hold in their pee for long periods of time, and also wetting through their clothes.

Pup Play- Pup Play is a subset of BDSM, but is making itself known singly as its growing in popularity at a huge pace. Pup Play is where one can escape their current reality and go into a mindset of a pup, where they can be carefree and escape every day troubles of the real world. Pup play has been mistaken for bestialities and its far from this. There is no sex with animals, and when roleplaying with other humans its not always sexual with pup play.

We will be adding more kinks and fetishes to this post with in the next couple of days. We are also currently creating the more detailed content so when we launch this series we are posting frequently. We hope you find this information helpful and beneficial that you will share it with your other like minded friends.

Pictures of people in Pup play gear and BDSM Gear in a museum setting.

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