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Kink and Fetishes What Is Impact Play

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

If you are new to Impact Play you are probably thinking that it's just simply spanking your partner or you being spanked. There is a broader picture when you look at impact play as a whole. This is a kink that I have been enjoying more as a sub to my husband and then recently allowed someone else to discipline me, and I just find it so pleasurable it's hard to explain. Impact play needs to be discussed before the play is to happen. It's very important to get everyone's informed consent before performing this kink.

Impact play can be about giving control over oneself and trust in another. I love the feeling of giving up control and allowing my husband to spank me. I have also allowed him to use a leather paddle and a flogger before. I really enjoy scenes where he spanks me and chokes me but that's for another post another time.

Impact play can be enjoyed with just hands, but most people that are into this kink usually have a few items in their tool chest.

A Flogger is a good tool for those that like repeated stings against their body at a steady or sometimes a rapid pace. There are many various different kinds of floggers out there that give a different feeling, leave various marks, etc. Most floggers that you will see are made out of leather, but some have been made out of chains, diamonds, rope, and all kinds of various materials based on what people are into.

Hand Spanking is one of the most used things when it comes to impact play. I just love how a hand puts a thud on my ass, it really gets me going when I think about it. Spanking your partner is another great form of impact play. Richard "Scrappy" actually did a blog post on impact play and spanking. Spanking someone with your hand leaves a sting after time and will turn their cheeks red.

Paddles are another tool that some Masters will use on their Submissives to punish them. I like the one leather paddle that we have,however, I am not a fan of the poly resign paddle that we are currently working on making. That to me is just too much. I like the pain, but not that much. This is why its always important before getting involved in impact play that you practice informed consent with your partner.

BDSM Bondage Slave Master  Slave in shackles with arms spread why standing up wearing a leather jock. The master in full leather outfit and a hat swinging the whip on his back.

One thing to remember when practicing impact play is you will want to have a safe word. You most almost never want to engage in a risk play without having a safe word and discussing with your partner how it is to be used and applied. One thing I like doing with impact play is doing the stoplight. So when my partner starts spanking or flogging me, and if it's too light I will say green. This will let my partner know that he can go a little harder. Once it gets to the point where I am at a barely cant stand it, I will say yellow letting him know he's not to go any harder. If I say red then he knows he needs to lighten up quite a bit and even give me a pause.

If you have not done this form of kink before it's good that the person who is going to do the spanking use something like a couch pillow to spank with their hand so they can see what various pressures will feel like. You also want to do this form of play with someone you trust really well, so you know they will follow your boundaries.

A Leather Whip to purchase

If you want to get more insights to impact play join our private BDSM Discussion group and ask questions from people who are more experienced than yourself. We would love to have you join our conversation.

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