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Kink and Fetishes Water Sports

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Continuing our series on Kink and Fetishes, were now bringing you Water Sports, or also known as piss play to you. Now this is one of the Fetishes that is taboo. This kink is not for everyone, and if its not for you, simply do not read this. Those of you that are curious and into this kink, we hope you find this article beneficial and informative.

Water Sports or Piss Play can happen in many various scenes, and in very different ways. Why some people like to put on a diaper, or simply wet through their plain clothes. Others will like to have the male or female piss on them in various places, or females and males will let their male partners piss inside them when having vaginal or anal sex. Something I allow my husband to do to me from time to time so he can mark his territory. Yes water sports can be a territorial thing.

Is It Safe To Engage In Piss Play Since Urine is Sterile?

Any time you are exchanging body fluids there is always risks. Not all urine is sterile. If the person has a urinary tract infection, bladder infection, etc they can pass this on to you in a more serious matter if you have open wounds in your mouth, vagina, or anus. So we strongly recommend that you know your partners health status before engaging in consensual piss play.

If you are worried about those risks and do not know your partners health status, and you are not really too sure if you have any minor tears or open wounds, simply ask your partner to aim away from your mouth, do not allow them to piss inside you, and ask them to do it on your belly, or other parts of your outer body.

Piss Play and Water Sports Why and How Do People Do It

Now quite a few people have the misconception that piss play or water sports is a BDSM thing. Well that is not totally true. Why it being one of the taboo kinks, its becoming highly popular in vanilla relationships both gay and straight. Some couples just enjoy it because its their partners fluids that is taboo and feeling the warmth of it running down their body, or being sub servant and allowing their partner to urinate inside them either orally or via other holes of the human body.


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Piss Play can be fun and something enjoyable with your partner if you open your mind to it. This form of play was something I was so like ewww I don't think I could do that. Then one night I was so into my husband as he was thrusting in and out of me, I wanted him to mark his territory. I was almost scared to ask him because we never talked about it before. I was surprised as his eyes lit up and he smiled and then I felt the warmth entering me, I felt owned, and safe. Now lets get to other ways you can enjoy piss play.

Some people like to watch others get peed on, or watching them wet themselves. There are many cam artists who get paid for this kind of visual.

Dominatrix are often paid very well to pee on their subs, or to arrange a water sport scene.

Pup Play and BDSM peeing on your sub, or boy marking your territory and showing dominance.

Male fucking a female and the female starts urinating herself was he is penetrating her. This could also go the opposite way, the male urinating in the female.

Some people like to watch. Watch another male or female peeing on another individual. They get satisfaction out of others humiliation.

Man with a woman in his arms in the shower holding her close to him

There are so many ways that water sports and piss play can be brought in to spice up things in the bedroom or your dungeon. Here is another article we looked at before writing this piece. It was written back in 2018. Watersports 10 people describe why they are into it.

We hope this helped with your curiosity with water sports, and that you found it informative. As always we hope you have a sex positive life!

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