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Kink and Fetishes Pup Play For Humans

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Pup Play for humans started off as a branch off of BDSM, however the ever fast growing pup community is growing such a large presence in the world we dont know how long they will be considered a sub culture. To us they are one and on their own. You will see a lot of resemblance of BDSM in human pup play culture though.

What is Pup Play?

Pup play is when a person can escape their everyday life and get into a fun playful head space such as a puppy. Its a carefree world where one can just relax, and enjoy life in a different perception of that of the read world. Pup play is usually friendly and fun, and can also have the form of discipline. I mean all pups need discipline and thats why there are various levels of pup play.

Handler - Handlers are usually Alpha pups but not always, that assumes the father or master role of one pup or a pack of pups.

Alpha - Beta and Omega are other terms for various pups. If you belong to a pack you are doing good because you will be nurtured and be able to learn on how to more enjoy your pup life. If you do not belong to a pack, you are searching the internet for places to educate yourself and to network with other like minded pups.

How Do I get Started as a Handler?

First for those of you that are looking to have this as a form of being in control you are right but you are also to nurture. You are to treat your pup as you would your very own biological pup. You want to make sure your pup feels joy and love coming from you when you are in headspace.

Since Pup play is about getting into that headspace its sometimes recommended that you find training materials at a pet store for puppies and incorporate that in your play when you go into head space.

What is needed for Pup Play?

Pup play is mainly getting into headspace, but there there are toys and knee pads, along with hoods, muzzles, collars and leashes that can be purchased so you can really play out the scene. You can find pup play gear online.

You really just need an open mind to enjoy pup play. My husband is a pup named scrappy and why I do not personally engage in pup play all the time, its fun to watch him and his friends get into head space and play. Pup play is also not always sexual, and its NEVER WITH ANIMALS, its not beastility.


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A male handler engagin in play with a human pup. BDSM Pet Play Pup Play why wearing gear.

How To Find Others In The Pup Play Community

There are not a lot of websites or networking groups but there is a good handful of quality ones we are aware of. We actually moderate a pup, lil, and furry chat group on Telegram that has over 100 active members. Its a welcoming family and you are more then welcome to join if you are 18 and up, and willing to verify with an admin with a live face pic.

Link to the Chat room on Telegram I was referring too.

We hope for all the new pups out there that you enjoy pup play, and if you need any more information please do not hesitate to reach out to us on Social media or emailing us.

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