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Kink And Fetishes Breath Play

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Breath Play is a popular but yet dangerous form of BDSM play. However it can be done safely, and is enjoyed by many. Now why it can get to the extreme of completely taking some ones air away, breath play can be lite too.

There is something about your partner entering you and then lightly choking you why they thrust in and out, especially at climax. Now for the technical details on what is Breath Play.

Breath Play also known as Erotic Asphyxiation is a kink. Its where you have a state of asphyxia by intentional inducement. Whether you're being choked by your partner, or your strangling yourself with a device. People do this during sex, or sometimes when just masturbating. Your basically giving yourself a more intense orgasm by cutting the oxygen flow to the brain. Some people might not be comfortable with this type of play with just anyone. I will only do breath play with my husband right now. I might be open to allowing a play partner but there is going to have to be trust there.

Man standing behind a woman in the shower with his hand over her neck why nibling on her ear. Showing an example of light breath play BDSM Kink

Keep in mind Breath Play does have its dangers and risks like any other sexual activity. Breath Play can lead to serious injury such as cardiac arrest, brain damage from lack of oxygen and even death.

Breath play can be done in safer ways, for the curious that have never tried it. We do recommend that you do not try breath play alone. You also must understand what happens to your body physically and physiologically.


During breath play, you and your partner are restricting oxygen to the brain and when you have low levels of oxygen to the bran you can feel light headed and or dizzy. But when you release the oxygen and blood begin to flow again you may feel another type of rush. This is caused by the release of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins being suddenly released back in.


There are breath play fans that love the power play of the element. As the person in charge can choke or suffocate their partner. As the submissive you love the idea of being controlled with your partner in charge guiding the events. This can bring a sexual arousal for some people.

Many people who practice breath play will try to create a fail safe. This may include using a knot that's meant to give way if you pull it hard, or hitting your knees on a closet if you pass out. These strategies are designed to prevent death but many fail.

A better strategy is like we said earlier to practice with a friend or partner, even if you want them standing in the next room so you have the scene you wanted to create, but your fail safe can check in on you, and their there if you need to call for help if something goes wrong.

Responsible Breath Play breaks down to 3 things. Education, Communication, and CONSENT. Make sure before engaging in breath play you discuss with your partner each others boundaries and get consent during each stage of play. Also a reminder that you and your partner neither one can properly give consent if intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Also we do not recommend practicing breath play under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you want to learn more about other kinks and fetishes' visit our blog post describing this new series of blogs coming from Double D Dungeon.

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