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How To Get Into Anal Play

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Anal Play is not something you just want to dive right into without doing some research first. It can be fun but you also do not want to do it wrong and then it won't be that fun for you. You need supplies such as a lubricant and you also do not want to use vaseline. You're probably going but all the time I heard of the guy getting fucked in the shower is that they bent over and used vaseline, well that was way back in the day before silicone lubricant came out.

You want to make sure whatever objects and lubricants you use to put in your body are body-safe. Not all sex toys are made from body-safe materials. You have to be very careful when shopping for anal toys.

We strongly recommend getting a silicone-based lubricant when the skin on skin is going to happen such as you putting a finger into your rectum or having a real flesh penis going in. When it comes to toys, you will want to use a water-based lubricant. Please for the love of everything kinky DO NOT USE Silicone lubricant with your dildos and other toys! See silicone just bonds with silicone and when you go to remove the toy, it will feel like your insides are coming out with it. Personal experience so just do not do it!

Now you will want to start out with a small object if this is your first time. A finger is one of the perfect things to start lubing your anal up with and get it to where it wants to take something bigger. Now make sure you wash your hands really well and cut your fingernails before doing this. You will not want jagged nails of any sort going into your rectum. You can tear tissue and get injured this way.

Once you are done using your finger for a few moments and enjoying having it in your rear, then see about doing 2 fingers for a while. You will want to make sure you are putting lube on as much as possible. Then after you are enjoying 2 fingers in your hole, it might be time to move on to a dildo or a smaller buttplug.

Now when you go to search for your new anal toy you will wanna make sure you look for body-safe products such as silicone in their labels. Not all sex toys are made with body-safe materials. There are a large number of knock-off toys and devices made of cheap plastics that can cause harm if you use them inside yourself. So you will always want to search for body-safe sex toys.

Tantus is a good brand to search for when you're just getting into anal play. They have a great selection of pleasure products to choose from in many variant sizes, textures, and vibrant colors. Come and see what Tantus has to offer you in the realms of anal play.

Now at any given time that you start feeling really bad pain, you need to stop. If you notice burning, and or blood you need to stop this play all together. If the pain and blood continue you should call a medical professional or seek help by calling 911.

Anal Play can be enjoyable if it's done right with the proper lubricants. So just be careful, do your research, and do not just stick anything in your hole. Have fun and be Kinky!

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