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High Quality Sex Toys

When you want to purchase a sex toy, you want something of high quality, that is going to last, not cause a break out, something that you know is going to be clean, and safe to use. With Tantus products they use the best high quality materials to make their sex toy products. Tantus also has very vibrant colors to their products which is another reason why we like them so much. Now when you do purchase sex toys you do not want to go cheap.

When going cheap on your sex toys, you are putting yourself at risk for skin rashes, not getting the pleasure you wanted out of them as you thought you would, or they are great the first time and then after that they wont work again, or they are already worn out. So please make sure you are looking for quality and investing more in your sex toy box.

Tantus offers a large selection of toys and items for Kinks. They have a great story, and would like to share it with you.


Tantus was born from the hope and aspiration to make the lives of people throughout the world fun, worthwhile, and enjoyable. To make ordinary people smile, and challenge the ethos of an industry to bring what everyone truly desires – Sexual Happiness.

Metis Black began making sexual wellness products in late 1997; beautifully hand-poured creations, flaunting enticing colors, requiring hours of sculpting, prototyping and testing, in order to devise a unique and anatomically targeted product. At the time, all silicone products were made using a tin based silicone, common in mold making, but whose base material contained white filler. Black wanted something truly different. She helped develop a process using the highest grades of silicone, of a far superior quality than other industry rivals to create her own unique and pure formula. Not only to be found in small boutiques, but made available to a mass market.

“Here was silicone, the safest material for soft sex toys and you had to be an ‘in the know’ feminist in a big city to know about it. It was my mission to change that. After we got into those markets that were already selling silicone, the already evangelized, we started hitting companies that didn’t know about it.”

Quality and education were the vital and evolving roles of Tantus. Black immersed herself amongst an industry so institutionalized in their practices, (never considering the health consequences of using cheap materials), that evoking sexual health and education was no easy task to bear. She envisioned a product that could derive pleasure and satisfaction, but that was also healthy for the body that people could feel confident in using.

It’s been over twenty years since that vision took hold, and Tantus is now thriving more than ever before.

Tantus has positioned itself as an industry leader in manufacturing eco-friendly and body safe products through constant innovation and a commitment to developing products of superior quality. Ergonomically engineered and anatomically targeted, Tantus has originated a product commensurable to no other. Each product is individually handled with care and precision to facilitate and derive satisfaction and made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

Metis Black formed a vision and materialized a dream, and what was conceived, was Tantus. With a little bit of luck, dedication, true conviction, and a little help from her friends, Metis Black has become a paragon of success and magnanimous momentum for industrial change. Tantus will continue to embolden the industry standards for craftsmanship, ingenuity, and consumer education.

Tantus is one of the largest sex toy manufactures in the world, and is trusted and relied by millions. Their products also have great customer reviews. We will be occasionally blogging about some of our favorite Tantus products in the near future.

Which ones are your favorites?

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