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Have a Remote Sex Life In 2020 With Lovense

Corona virus is taken the world by storm, and the way we go about living life has drastically changed but thankfully with technology your sex life does not have to suffer. With Lovense Max 2 and Nora toys, you will be able to have an interactive experience with your partner even if you are in two different rooms, or even two different states! Just need a WIFI connection and smart phones.

Max 2 is a great masturbator for men, and whether your gay or straight, it can be used with another Max 2 or a Nora depending on who your sex partner is. Were going to show you the Nora now and then tell you towards the end on how the technology that was created by Lovense is allowing people to still have interactive sex with out physical contact or even being close to one another.

Nora is the absolute original rabbit vibrator. Great adult toy for either a female or a male. Device connects to blue tooth or WIfi connections, and makes it very easy for your partner to control. You can let someone with out another toy be able to control your Nora By Lovense. Simply give them your link, and get ready for a great time. However if you are wanting to have a more interactive sexual experience with someone distantly you will need to have either 2 Max 2 devices or a Max2 and a Nora. Now to get on to how this all works for you.

Now if you are a straight couple male and female this is how the Nora and Max 2 can work for you. The female has her Nora and when she inserts it it sends the pressure back to the Max 2 which the male is wearing around his penis.

Its really simple to sync your Nora and Max 2 together with their apps. All Lovense devices come with user manuals and step by step instructions on how to use them. You can also use the remote sex feature that has now been added to the app for face to face and device to device fun.

Visit our Lovense page to learn more about the Nora and Max 2 and other Lovense toys. Lovense toys are also great for cam models. Visit Lovense Page here.

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