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Erotic Asphyxiation Breath Play

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This kink and form of BDSM is something that we have been getting into sometime about 2 or 3 years ago. The first time we practiced erotic asphyxiation was by chance really. It was not talked about or planned. I was totally getting into him as the top and I wanted to apply pressure to his throat, as it felt hot to grab him like that, then he put his hands on the hand that was lightly choking him and made me do it a bit harder until I finished. It was hot for both of us. Then another night he did it to me when he was the top. So its one of our kinks that we sometimes always have in our nights of pleasure LOL. You want to be safe when practicing Breath Play.

We found a great article to give you a full definition of Breath Play and how to practice it safely from health line. See the Erotic Asphyxiation Safe Practices.

Now some of you that are reading this, are probably in the closet when it comes to this form of sexual play. Erotic Asphyxiation might scare some people. Your in a safe place here in our community. We do not shame any kink. Just do not feel that your alone when it comes to this type of BDSM fetish. There are many of us out there that like to have our doms, just control us and show us who the master is.

Another great resource for Erotic Asphyxiation is this Breath Play for Beginners video from Watts The Safe Word.

This month is International BDSM Month and we plan on writing more posts surrounding BDSM for the month of August. Well even past the month of August considering we made this site for BDSM and Kinks. Message us and let us know what your favorite kinks are, and if we can follow you on any other networks.

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