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Do Sex Toys Ruin A Relationship?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We were doing some research on some topics that you guys might want to know about and some myths that we discover. When we searched this topic we found one site saying that bringing in sex toys has ruined most relationships. We just think that is totally not true. I really think it depends on the relationship but anytime there are ways to discover sex differently with your partner, I think you are on the right track.

So the question is Do sex toys Ruin a Relationship and our strong opinion is no, and here is why. Or maybe this will help it from not ruining your relationship. Who knows. Maybe the ones that went in and had it happen, are because they went in blindly. Now first you must ask yourself why are you wanting to bring sex toys into the bedroom now if you have never done it before. Now if the answer to your question why are you wanting to use sex toys is because you want to spice things up, have you also thought about looking into kinks or fetishes to go along with the toy play? Just a thought and that's a whole other topic. To spice things up with sex toys in a relationship is not something you can just spring up during a night of passionate sex or not-so-passionate sex whatever the case may be. You need to discuss this during a nonsexual time where you and your partner can really communicate your feelings on what you're both expecting in the bedroom.

Open communication about sex is extremely important in keeping that luster of passion going on in the relationship. There are going to be times that you are going to hear some criticism from your partner and it's very very important not to take such a personal offense to it. It's hard, but you have to keep an open mind when you're having this conversation. Now let's go with a male and female couple in the example on communication.

Anal Plugs that look like heart shaped candys with sayings on them saying Spank me, and others/. Sex Toys for couples.

Who is wanting to be the one to introduce toys and what kind of toys are you wanting to bring into the bedroom? Maybe restraints or you want to use a dildo on your man or he wants it to be used on him. Now before some of you, straight guys start going, that is an exit-only area, you are really missing the benefit of having your ultimate G spot simulated with either your partner's finger or a dildo. It does not change your sexuality if you allow your partner to simulate you there. Trust me when you orgasm it's going to be off the chain.

Once you have your wants and needs communicated and what kind of toys you are wanting to use, along with how you are going to use them you are ready to then set the date for the night you want to incorporate them into the sex scene. Now still at this point do not overthink it and have fun, be creative and enjoy it!


So never think anything is crazy, and feel open to explore your sexual desires and communicate them with your partner. Life is too short not to get fulfillment in the bedroom. Be sure to bookmark us, and come back and visit our blog for things related to sex, relationships, and of course adult toys!

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