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Desire and Passion Does It Have Limits

When you have desire and passion for a person, it can drive you to do things you wouldn't normally do in bed. I know its happened to me. I thought after being with my partner and now husband of 11 years that our sex life would die out in the bedroom. I was totally wrong. I am also amazed as to how much I am passionate for his touch, and his whole persona. Let me explain. I cant get enough of him sometimes in bed.

So like on the nights hes going to pound my ass for example. I have to really feel him, his hole body against mine. Its a charging energy that i cannot explain. Then to feel his hands run a long my back until he reaches my ass crack omg it drives me insane. I want to taste him everything about him. The wet kiss and I cannot get enough of sucking on his tongue, feeling his fingers pressing inward on my ass hole with his spit. My cock hard as a rock as he rubs his beard along the back of my neck and nibbles on my ears. It drives me crazy. Then I want to taste him, yes boys I want his cock in my mouth. Pre cum and all he puts it in my mouth and I began sucking it taking it as much as i can down my throat. Hes still finger fucking my ass, which I find so hot.

I ask him to urinate a little, just a dribbled as I want to taste him, his spit, his urine, and then eventually his cum. I lick his pubic hair, and then his beard, then sucking his cock more. I cant take it any more, I want him to fuck me. He flips me over and starts fucking me with out letting up, I feel my hole getting wet with is pre cum as he bareback my hole. OMG I then start cumin, he is cumin inside me as well, its pure Ecstasy.

Well yes if you have passion and desire you too can have a fun time with your loved one. Leave one of your stories in the comments.

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