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Dating and Hooking Up With Grindr

Grindr did not take long being one of the top datings and or hook-up sites for LGBTQ mainly in men. At the beginning of Grindr, it was more of a hook-up site, but with the coming and going of other sites and apps, Grindr remains on top for having the most active members. This is why you are now seeing a majority of people trying to find a little bit more than just your run-of-the-mill hookups on the app.

One thing that shocks me when I am on Grindr is the negative profiles. I mean there is something about being direct, in what you want and looking for but some of you come off so mean, and arrogant no matter how good you look or think you look, your profile is running potential hookups and or dates off. Trust me! Nobody is going to want to hook up or date an arrogant, negative douche. So refrain from being so blunt in your profiles. Here is an example of what we would consider a negative profile.

Sweet Loving 33 M - Be CLEAN, HAVE ALL OF YOUR TEETH, Big Penis, and be Showered Ready. Nobody overweight. I am a sweet gentle guy, that has a lot to give.

Now, do you see a sweet loving guy there by reading that profile? No, we don't either. One we as a community are working very hard to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS being dirty. So the be clean as we see in most profiles, are referencing HIV negative. Have all of your teeth? There are things out of people's control, and this comment just looks hostile to most gentle people that this person is probably trying to find. Big Penis? Good luck since really that is a small percentage of men in the world have a BIG PENIS.

Most of us deal with self-esteem issues, so why we may be very attractive, and downright sexy, we see a profile like this and are turned off immediately because we worry what are they going to find wrong about me? Guys if you truly want to hook up and or meet up and date someone tries to stick with a basic profile of stats, and what you're looking for as in hook up or date, and leave it at that. You will probably see an increase in your responses back or even people messaging you.

Grindr Etiquette

Why there is no in-stone rule book for Grindr Etiquette we still feel that it needs to be put out there just because there are generation gaps in how people communicate. There are still some areas of communication that are the same, but then there are some that are not because they don't feel it's necessary.

Grindr Etiquette 101 especially if you do not want to come off as a douche.

  1. If someone messages you and you are not attracted or feeling a vibe for them, simply respond back that you are not interested. Nothing is worst than messaging someone and not getting a response back. Also in the same notion, if you are the one that receives the message not interested, do not attack that person and ask them why not, or get vulgar with them. There is no reason for being nasty, especially if they are giving you the courtesy of responding back instead of ghosting you.

  2. Do Not Continuously Message if they are not responding back to you- Relax and note not all the time are we logged into this app. People have jobs, lives, and relationships outside of Grindr. I know it's hard to believe but it's true. You will come off as a stalker or someone who is mentally unstable if you keep messaging someone without getting a response back. Or messaging a person constantly when they are not even logged into the app. Keep in mind Grindr why you may be logged out, your profile could still show as active in the search. So with that in mind, just because someone is showing online does not mean they are, or they logged in for a short time to check messages and then logged out. If someone stops talking to you all together then most likely they are not interested, or they have been too busy to carry on a conversation.

  3. NSFW Pics - Don't start a conversation with someone with Nudes right away. One even if they say NFSW are accepted on their profile, it's still a good rule of thumb to ask for consent before sending out your dick or ass pics. It's also a major turn-off to most people to receive that before a hi, or a how are you doing.

  4. Hosting? Have Supplies- If you are hosting it's 9 times out of 10 expected for you to have the lube. Don't get stuck with the embarrassing all hot and heavy, ready to put it in and none of you have lube. There probably won't be a 2nd hook-up after that.

  5. Commit Then Commit- If you are going to meet up with someone then meet up. Do not say you're going to meet up and then ghost someone. It's not fun to have it done, and it's just inconsiderate to do it to someone else. So don't be a ghost dick.

  6. Real Pictures- Do not send old outdated pictures and always use pictures of yourselves. The whole point of being on this app is to meet up, so do not try catfishing someone. Be real and don't be fake.

Grindr Safety

You always want to think safety when you're using Grindr. Make sure you take steps to keep yourself safe why chatting and meeting up with people for the first time.

  1. Make sure you never give out a phone number and personal information right off the bat when you chat with someone. There are a lot of phishing scams out there, that are looking for you to give out your phone number.

  2. The so-called verify through this app so we can meet and be safe are scams! Do not give out your credit card number for nothing. Simply block them and move on.

  3. When inviting someone to your house or going to another to meet. Let a friend know what is going on. We all have that best friend that knows we're sluts and hooking up so let them know when you're going to a tricks house or having one over. This way they can check in on you and give them the time frame that they should worry about if they do not hear from you.

  4. If all possible meet up in public places such as bars, restaurants, coffee shops when you can.


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Beware of underage kids being on Grindr. If you're going to play or meet up with the under 21 crowd you have to stay above 18 to stay out of jail. There are 13 and up that will lie about their age on the app, so check ids.

Grindr can be a fun experience for everyone if people would just show others common courtesy.

Happy Cruising! Keep up with our blog for more future cruising and dating tips.

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